Monday, April 19, 2010

Turn Coat

Private investigator and professional wizard Harry Dresden has spent half of his adult life looking over his shoulder for Donald Morgan, Warden of the White Council; Morgan's been watching for any infraction of the Laws of Magic, so that he could execute Harry on the spot with the Council's blessing.  And now Morgan has collapsed at Harry's door in a bloody heap, after asking to be hidden--from the Wardens.


I read the first couple of Dresden Files when they were new, and really liked the character and the concept, but the third one lost me halfway through.  I didn't like where I thought I saw it going, and I just wasn't in the mood for vampires, and I put it down unfinished.  Always meant to go back to it, somehow never did, though I was vaguely aware of the series as the years went by.  Oh look, there's a new one out, I should go back and read those.  Oh look, they've made the jump from paperback originals to hardcover, good for him, I should read those.  Oh look, there's a graphic novel--

It was the graphic novel Welcome to the Jungle that really made me sit up and think, I need to read those now.  I got hold of it in February, and by the first week of March I'd read all ten of the extant novels, then had to wait a month for this one, the eleventh, to come out.  Waiting a year for book 12 is going to be difficult.

The great thing about reading the whole series in a breathless rush like I just did is that that made it easier to track the character development and the interweaving plot lines.  Harry has clearly matured over the ten or twelve years of internal chronology, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what changes are in store for him before we get to the big apocalyptic trilogy that Jim Butcher promises to cap off the series.

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