Monday, January 20, 2014


by Rainbow Rowell.

There's a lot about her first semester of college that tends to throw Cath off her stride, starting with the idea that her twin sister Wren doesn't want to room with her and not ending with the fact that her surly assigned roommate seems to come with a boyfriend who's always in their room (or at least waiting in the hallway outside). The followers of Cath's fanfic would really like it if she updated more often, and her Fiction Writing professor thinks that all fanfic is essentially plagiarism and has given her her first F for turning in one of her fics. Wren has thrown herself into the party scene and seems to be getting drunk pretty often, and back home, their dad is left with nobody to look after him and rein him in when he goes off his meds and gets too manic. It gives Cath a lot to worry about; maybe going away to college wasn't the best idea?

This really entertaining book was recommended to me by the teen librarian where I work, but it was already on my radar from things I'd seen at the blog. I kept reading random lines out loud to my husband when I thought they were self-contained enough to be funny without much context ("Don't get charm all over my sister. What if we can't get it out?"), but a lot more of it was funny in context. Cath's struggles with anxiety and self-doubt really resonated with me as well, given that I too was a shy, socially awkward, writer girl in college; though my reams of fanfic rightfully didn't see the light of day, let alone have a following.

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