Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bewitching Season

Twins Penelope and Persephone Leland have opposite reactions to their upcoming presentation at court and coming-out season in London: outgoing Pen is determined to enjoy every social function, while the quieter and more bookish Persy is sure she will freeze up or otherwise disgrace herself.  Though both girls hope they may catch a glimpse of Princess Victoria, whose birthday they share, what Persy is really looking forward to is returning home at the end of the season and taking up her studies again, especially the studies in magic that their governess Miss Allardyce has been conducting on the side.  But both their expectations of the season are thrown out of reckoning when Ally disappears, and the twins try to use their magic to find her.

This YA novel by Marissa Doyle is clearly a fantasy with romantic elements, rather than a romance with magic.  The characters are engaging enough, though by the end of the story Persy's constant self-deprecation began to annoy me as much as it did her sister Pen! Fun story, though, and it made me interested in hunting up the sequel, which my local library does not own.

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