Saturday, July 3, 2010

talk it up

When I was six years old, I very badly wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman.  Here's why:

I swiped an old pair of sunglasses frames without lenses to practice losing them gracefully as I spun out of being Diana Prince.

So now they tell me Wonder Woman is going to have a new costume, just in time for the third iteration of her eponymous series to be renumbered as Wonder Woman #600, as if she's been in continuous publication as one book all this time. 

Here's what I have to say about that:  I don't remember seeing anything about Batman in the New York Times the other week, when issue #700 of his eponymous series came out.  Superman #700 didn't get much notice in the mainstream press either, though they both inspired a lot of chatter at the comics blogs. 

I know that Status Quo is God in comics, and this probably will not last very long, for the moment the writer and editors are all being very coy about that.  But if they were trying to get everybody talking about a character who, in spite of her iconic status, traditionally doesn't sell a lot of comic books, boy, they succeeded in a big way!  Well done.

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